OASIS 180D Smaller, Safer and More Accurate
Oasis 180D is a two-wheeled differential robot with a maximum load of 180 kg, based on Standard Robots' 3rd generation mobile robot technology platform. It uses a new electrical hardware solution based on the self-developed 4th generation controller to improve the electrical performance and stability of the robot.
Compound Robot
Compound Robot Oasis SRA6C-E12-A2
The robot surface is integrated with a collaborative robot to realise both automated transportation and collaborative processing. It is also adaptable to integrating both arm and roller modules for even more diverse automation, including picking and placing, material stacking, or sorting and distribution.
Oasis 1200D-SRD
Oasis 1200D-SRD Logistics Train Applications
Increase the efficiency of internal logistics tasks with a towing mobile robot solution. Oasis SRD is a top-mounted module flexible solution for fully automated connects and carts towing in production halls and warehouse logistics. The Oasis 1200D-SRD is designed for large-sized heavy products with up to 1200kg of payload capacity, ideal for automotive manufacturing.
OASIS-SMT-A2-R01 Double-Layer Docking
Oasis-SMT-A2-R01 Autonomous Mobile Robot is a double-layer transporting mobile robot based on the previous generation SMT robot technology platform developed for SMT production lines in the 3C(Computers, Communications, and Consumer Electronics) industry.

The robot's modular design can be functioned as a two-way directional loading and unloading ability and operates within 230mm to 1100mm of height and 315mm to 530mm of width to suit different types of magazines. On this basis, the Oasis-SMT is able to adapt to different heights of conveyor machines on production lines, reducing reconstruction and labor costs and meeting the needs of automated internal material transport.
The RIoT (Robot Internet of Things) is centered on intelligent device management and flexible logistics operations, with a focus on smart intralogistics and intelligent manufacturing, and it allows OICT data fusion with information integration and digital twin technology.

The platform bridges Standard Robots with common PLC, CNC equipment, processing equipment, modules, sensors, multi-media devices, and BIM applications. The open platform structure and joint efforts with reliable system developers allow stable and fast integration with MES/MOM, MCS, WMS, ERP, and APS, as well as a digitized and flexible production mode. More features, such as scenario simulation, leading to an optimal solution and fast feasibility estimation, continuously improve robot and system implementation efficiency while reducing the overall operation costs.
Standard Robots (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. focuses on the R&D and production of industrial mobile robots. It independently develops core technologies such as robot positioning and navigation algorithms, operat-ing systems, and controllers. The company offers flexible industrial logistics solutions integrating multi-sensor laser SLAM AMR, production lines, and warehouses. Standard Robots' advanced technology and wide business eco-system make itself the industry-leading AMR provider domestically and abroad, covering the United States, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions.

Standard Robots (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., as a future R&D, sales, and production base, will build a global head-quarters operation system centered in East China. The Kunshan Digital Logistics Demonstration Plant continues to focus on supporting overseas markets from its base in the East China market. Accelerating the development of China's intralogistics automation leads the industry to the global forefront.
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