One-stop intralogistics solution
for smart warehousing and manufacturing

Automating tiered warehouse, smart in/out-stock and intelligent material delivery,
the flexible intralogistics help manufacturer to succeed in many aspects.

  • Automatic Management of Tiered
    Warehouse and Inventory

  • Seamless Connection with Central Control System Take Elevator and Access Automatic Door Independently

  • Line-side Storage Management

  • Automatic Charging24/7 Operations

  • Material In-stock

  • Material Out-stock

  • Automatic Material
    Handling and Delivery

  • In-processing
    Goods Transportation

  • Finished Goods In-stock

  • Visualized

    Advanced hard/software, system and services to enable
    visualized management of production and logistics data

  • Efficient

    1 AMR equals to 2~3 labors, 24/7 operation available
    Digital Management helps process optimization and efficiency improvement

  • Economic

    No investment in magnetic tapes nor QR codes
    Economic project complementation with customized services

  • Profitable

    Average ROI period is within 15 months
    Less maintenance but better performance leads to a growing ROI

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Meet all your imagination about flexible intralogistics.

Standard Robots AMR (autonomous mobile robot) applies self-developed SLAM/Natural Navigation technology. Requiring no reconstruction on workspace, compared with traditional AGV (automatic guided vehicle), AMR performs intelligently on obstacle avoidance, route adjustment and mission management, supporting carries lifting, towing or transportation, to achieve automated factory and warehouse logistics automation.


Unmanned forklift for smart warehousing. Adaptable in diverse scenarios and confined workspace, with multi-sensors, including laser radar, 3D camera and safety rim, to ensure 360°safe operation and consistent efficiency improvement.


Most practiced solution for various industries

Keep close to real demands and provide customized solution.

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