Standard Robots offers comprehensive industrial automation solutions at every step of the way. We are experienced and trusted by our partners across major industries, from autonomous mobile robots, various customizable modules, and well-defined workflows to an integratable Fleet Management System from RIoT Flexible Platform. We guarantee your final destination comes with flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
Manufacturers in all aspects of the 3C electronics industry have an urgent need for automation transformation. Standard Robots has provided complete industry-leading solutions for the consumer electronics industry, creating infinite value potential for digitalization and intelligence manufacturing. Standard Robots creatively proposed a "Flexible Industrial AMR Solution." Using autonomous mobile robots, electronics manufacturers will streamline the production process between production lines, workshops, and warehouses while realizing visual and controllable data.
Since 2020, the demands for semiconductors and investment of manufacturing facilities have been remain record growth. The cause sets in the shift towards all-electric society with automation of the industry, buildings, mobility and energy sectors. At very same time, skilled labor shortage with covid-related travel restrictions has suffering manufacturers productivity and goods quality. This implies that chip factories must prepare themselves and their manufacturing operations for the future, since demands for the dependability and efficiency of such smart factories are surging. Still, there no surprise in the era of industrial 4.0, semiconductor and electronics sectors have the highest requirements for automation.

To aid in long-term development and sustainability within the semiconductor industry, we developed comprehensive automation solutions that focused on compound robots that automate all material handling, machine tending, and internal transport. Our compound robot emphasizes overall operational flexibility on different stages of semiconductor manufacturing processes, increases productivity, lowers maintenance costs, and consistency with changeable workflows.
The automotive and auto parts industry has a large demand in the field of combined assembly, auto parts manufacturing and transfer, flexible operation of the entire auto plant, and even product transfer after the car is off the assembly line. The flexible solution adopts a series of robots such as Oasis SRL modules, counterbalance unmanned Gulf Forklifts, Towing QDD Gulf series forklifts, and operates under one Fleet Management System to connect with existing operating systems and on-site supporting equipment to streamline all stamping, welding, painting workshops, and final assembly line, which covers autonomous handling of raw materials, work-in-process, and finished products.
In recent years, the world's lithium battery and photovoltaic industry maintained rapid growth and continuous expansion in scale while pursuing the goals of carbon peak and carbon neutrality. While achieving this common goal, the renewables industry will play an important role in the fight against climate change. Because of this, ramping up production through better technology, efficiency, and quality consistency are the key driving factors for these industries and the world's clean energy.
more Industries
more Industries
Standard Robots provides flexible automation solutions to boost productivity across various industries through continuous iterations of autonomous and collaborative mobile robots and control systems. However, with every unique requirement from different industries, we have developed standardized solutions with well-defined workflows and robots; we are also willing to go that extra mile with customized solutions to make your operation more flexible, intelligent, and safer.

Is your business not included in these industries? We are famously known for our flexibility and scalability for 3rd party devices connecting with our robots under one fleet management system. Either way, let us know what you're looking for and tell us what industry you are in, and we will indeed be able to help you.
OASIS 180D Smaller, Safer and More Accurate
Oasis 180D is a two-wheeled differential robot with a maximum load of 180 kg, based on Standard Robots' 3rd generation mobile robot technology platform. It uses a new electrical hardware solution based on the self-developed 4th generation controller to improve the electrical performance and stability of the robot.
Compound Robot
Compound Robot Oasis SRA6C-E12-A2
The robot surface is integrated with a collaborative robot to realise both automated transportation and collaborative processing. It is also adaptable to integrating both arm and roller modules for even more diverse automation, including picking and placing, material stacking, or sorting and distribution.
Oasis 1200D-SRD
Oasis 1200D-SRD Logistics Train Applications
Increase the efficiency of internal logistics tasks with a towing mobile robot solution. Oasis SRD is a top-mounted module flexible solution for fully automated connects and carts towing in production halls and warehouse logistics. The Oasis 1200D-SRD is designed for large-sized heavy products with up to 1200kg of payload capacity, ideal for automotive manufacturing.
OASIS-SMT-A2-R01 Double-Layer Docking
Oasis-SMT-A2-R01 Autonomous Mobile Robot is a double-layer transporting mobile robot based on the previous generation SMT robot technology platform developed for SMT production lines in the 3C(Computers, Communications, and Consumer Electronics) industry.

The robot's modular design can be functioned as a two-way directional loading and unloading ability and operates within 230mm to 1100mm of height and 315mm to 530mm of width to suit different types of magazines. On this basis, the Oasis-SMT is able to adapt to different heights of conveyor machines on production lines, reducing reconstruction and labor costs and meeting the needs of automated internal material transport.
Standard Robots (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. focuses on AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) R&D and manufacturing, applying broad and self-developed technologies including robot posi­tioning algorithm, operation system and robot controller. Our main business involves laser SLAM navigation AMR and flexible industrial logistics solution.

Founded in 2016, Standard Robots is committed to develop standardized and practical robot application for outstanding system integrator and end users, helping achieve agile and flexible logistics in factory. Featuring in less investment and quicker return, Standard Robots provides laser SLAM AMR to manufacturers worldwide to aid on both logistics automation and intelligent manufacturing.
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Standard Robots is committed to accelerating industrial automation in flexibility and digitalization upgrades through constant iterations of our products and industry solutions to illuminate more factories around the world toward intelligent manufacturing.
To be at the front of the pack in terms of providing the flexible technologies that will form the foundation for Industry 4.0
To continue to meet the trust and expectations placed in us by our partners, while pursuing our innovation to create completely trustworthy products
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