8 robots automate the internal logistics of BAWEI Cosmetics Factory in China

Online time:2022-04-18

Three Oasis autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and five Gulf smart-forklifts have boosted productivity, ensured safety, and dropped the error rate significantly at the BAWEI Plant, a company that focuses on the cosmetic OEM/ODM industry.


BaWei biotechnology corporation, is a company that operates in the cosmetic OEM/ODM sector, with production focused on raw materials to micro-organism inspection, formulations then semi-finished and finished label products. The company drives research and development for biotechnology and excellence in its services. To match the ever-expanding global cosmetics market, the company needs to rapidly improve its productivity with advanced technology and lower its overall operational costs to stay at a competitive level.


BAWEI introduce advanced production equipment and data management systems home and abroad, continuously promote lean production models and committed to intelligent manufacturing biotechnology, beauty and health, and a full range of person care products.


Previously, the plant used manned forklifts to transport raw materials from the warehouse and weighting area to the emulsification workshop. Over time, this laborious process became longer and longer, making material delivery the heaviest task in the facility. In addition, the physical infrastructure makes this manual material handling process even more difficult. There are obstacles and different levels of floors between each production hall, as well as air showers and gates. In BAWEI’s point of view, it is a great opportunity to tackle these things with technologies.



The five Gulf 1400-CDD series unmanned smart-forklifts controlled by the Standard Robots Fleet Management System have made not only material transport automatic. Also, it adds detract value through loading more materials on the pallet per each round with up to 1400 kg of capacity. The Gulf-1400 forklifts use radar SLAM technology for their navigation system, along with 360-degree obstacle detection sensors and alerting systems to ensure maximum safety.


There are 3 more Oasis 300UL AMRs in the first solution phase. They are installed with an SR-Lifting module for handling smaller and lighter materials for the eight packaging workshops. The objective at the packaging workshop was to let the work focus on more productivity tasks rather than manual transport of packaging materials, resulting in less rework or losses.


Optimizing internal transport with robots using simple and centralized controls The Fleet Management System (FMS) was one of our shining features for this project. The easy mapping and task settings can be done by a user-friendly iPad, operating robots, changing missions, data feedback, real-time status, and most importantly, communication with the existing facility system. With the implementation of FMS, the Oasis AMRs and Gulf-1400 are able to operate in the facilities without human interference, especially for the robots that go through section gates and elevators automatically.


The Flexible Automation Partner

BAWEI as an industry pioneer, aided the growth of hundreds of companies in the beauty industry with its fundamental idea of "making remarkable contributions to human health and beauty" through innovation. For this original intention, the company has constructed a new industrial park for a smart factory to upgrade production capacity and quality with state-of-the-art technology. Based on experience from the past and scalable solutions for the future, the Oasis and Gulf robots have been selected for this positive step toward industry 4.0. BAWEI is a company that will grow and evolve with an eye to the future by investing in intelligent manufacturing and full adoption of new technologies in order to continue innovating.


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