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Customized AMR

Oasis SMT and Oasis ATS

Oasis SMT and Oasis ATS are designed for SMT production line and the line-side storage. Besides, customized AMR for other certain scenarios is supported.

Oasis SMT

Automatic Material Delivery for SMT production

Roller/Conveyor Adjustable and Customization Available Quote Inquiry

Oasis SMT

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Oasis SMT


Basic PerformanceRadar LayoutSingle Radar (Forward)
Navigation ModeLaser SLAM
Dimensions (L*W*H mm)1010*625*1435
Single Roller/Conveyor Payload (kg)50
Weight (kg)200
Movement PerformanceMax. Speed (m/s)1.5
Gyration Radius (mm)560
Corridor Width (mm))750
Positioning Accuracy (mm)±10
Precise Docking Accuracy (mm)±5
Ground Clearance of the First/Upper Layer Rack (mm)1000 (Automatic Adjustment in the range of ±30mm)
Ground Clearance of the Second Layer Rack (mm)300 (Automatic Adjustment in the range of ±30mm)
Max. Height of Material Box/Bin/Magazine (mm)580
Endurance PerformanceEndurance Time (h)8
Charging Time (h)1
Charging ModeAutomatic/Manual/Battery Replacement

Oasis SMT

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