Winner of Top 10 System Integrator, 3C Industry, China

Online time:2021-09-10

On the evening of July 29, the 2021 (4th) Gaogong Robotics Integrator Conference and Top 10 System Integrators Award Ceremony themed by a New Turning Point - New Industry concluded, which Standard Robots was invited to attend the ceremony and won the award of Top 10 Robot Systems in the 3C Industry in 2021, a title highly regarded by the industry.


When traditional, large-scale, inflexible production can no longer meet the production requirements in the era of consumer sovereignty, flexibility has become a bottleneck that decides production efficiency. Whoever can solve this problem and replace a large number of manual work stations in factories with automation solutions will be able to provide indispensable value in the future. Autonomous mobile robots, as a class of load-bearing, highly efficient, flexible, and intelligent products with open and scalable software, has indicated the direction for factory automation transformation to reduce labor cost.

Since its establishment in 2016, Standard Robots has focused on making "legs" for factories in its first few years, i.e., autonomous mobile robots, to meet the demands of logistics handling in factory automation upgrades. In recent years, by integrating the products of its upstream and downstream partners and combining its laser SLAM navigation AMR with its RIoT intelligent software system, Standard Robots has gradually developed a capability to provide flexible logistics solutions.

For example, in a project with the mass implementation of composite robots for a benchmark client in the 3C industry, Standard Robots integrated the mechanical arms of the Elite Robot to replace the legs of humans as well as their hands to take and place articles. The functions of the two automated devices have been integrated together to replace hands and legs to provide value for the client.


A composite robot looks like a simple additions of AMR and mechanical arms, but it is not a simple task to realize stable and synergistic operations for the two devices. To integrate the two systems, excluding the sufficient technologies of the enterprise, a major challenge in ensuring that the devices from different parties can work together to meet the specific needs in complicated conditions should also be met. 

Under specific conditions (such as semi-conductor workshops and CNC workshops), the tasks of taking and moving materials shall be completed and integrated into the production line system to conduct the processing operations of specific work divisions (such as loading and unloading materials, visual inspections, and material removal). Therefore, more stringent requirements have been proposed for AMR environmental adaptability, the openness of the synchronous mechanical arms, and integration ability of the integrator. 


By implementing many complete solutions across different industries, Standard Robots has accumulated sufficient integration experience, and the award has also proven its capacity in system integration.

Integrating products from upstream and downstream partners and providing complete automation update solutions mean convenience, high efficiency and reliability for clients. In the future, Standard Robots will also work with its biological partners to provide clients in more industries with reliable solutions while reinforcing their presences in 3C electronics, Li-ion batteries, PV industry, and semi-conductor industry.