Fast Deployment of 20 Compound Mobile Robots in 20 Days

Online time:2021-09-11

In the post-epidemic age, a huge wave of automation transformation to SMEs in China has arrived. The leading enterprises in autonomous mobile robots and collaborative robots are doing everything they can to occupy the market and establish their presence in the transformation market. With the ever-increasing demand for flexibility, compound mobile robots integrating autonomous mobile robots and collaborative robots have been accepted by the market since they can replace hands and legs.


As the leading manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots, Standard Robots is also trying to make its mark in the field of compound mobile robots by working with collaborative robot enterprises to create stable and reliable compound mobile robots to overcome various industry pain points in sensing positions, identification, and capture and integration controls. The company has successfully implemented many projects, leading the development of the compound mobile robot industry.

In this case, the client in the CNC processing industry was convinced by the experience and capabilities of Standard Robots cooperating with collaborative robot manufacturers for project implementation and deployment, and selected Standard Robots as a partner for their automation update and deployment project that shall be completed in a short period of time based on strict selection criteria.

Standard Robots lived up to expectations. Beginning with receiving requests for site visits, building the network, and developing the central control system, and ending with the entrances of all 20 compound mobile robots for commissioning and stable operations and successful demonstration took only 20 days, and Standard Robots demonstrated [Standard Speed] with its strength.


Project Background

This case concerns the automation update project for a CNC processing workshop. The client wanted to add mechanical arms to AMR to assist operating its equipment to achieve automated loading and unloading for materials of the CNC machine tool to reduce labor, ensure productivity, and improve the information level of the workshop.

Project Challenges

01 Short lead time

20 compound mobile robots shall be initially delivered in 20 days from the receipt of the project

02 Co-commissioning

AMR needs to cooperate with the network construction of the factory and must cooperate with the CNC machine for automation program writing, debugging, etc.   

03 Stringent positioning requirements

CNC machine door does not have an automation function, and robotic precision positioning is required to help the mechanical arm open the door

04 Stringent automation requirements

The central control system shall be developed to enable the CNC machine to automatically generate orders

05 Stringent efficiency requirements

20 compound mobile robots are required to handle materials for more than 100 CNC machines across 4 production lines


01 Equipment

20 compound mobile robots, 10 automatic charging posts, 4 manual chargers, and 2 servers

02 Personnel

3 engineers from Standard Robots

5 engineers from partners

03 System

Standard FMS group deployment system

Central control system

Project Highlights

The deployment was completed in a very short period of time. It took only 20 days to deliver 20 compound mobile robots to the factory to realize the achieve material loading and unloading for CNC with the compound mobile robots. The project was effective, and the target was achieved.

Without any positioning assistance, the AMR positioning error is within ±10mm, and its stability and positioning accuracy have created positive conditions for project progression.

20 compound mobile robots transfer materials for more than 100 CNC machines across 4 production lines, significantly improving factory automation level and reducing factory work load.

Customer Values

· Reduce work load, improve production efficiency, and ensure workshop productivity

· A sample workshop has been created to establish excellent conditions sustainably develop the client locally

· Machine-platform iteration intelligence was achieved initially, laying a foundation for updating the workshop in terms of automation in the future

· Despite the short period and heavy work load called for by the project, our team came together and succeeded in completing this project. This was a test to the capabilities of Standard Robots to deliver compound mobile robots and their comprehensive strength, proving that Standard Robots has accumulated valuable experience in delivering short-term projects.

· With the ever-increasing demand for flexible automation, compound mobile robots will be facing a larger market. The companies with technical barriers and experience in implementing actual projects will obtain huge development space in this environment.