The mobile robot backs to the trolleys and then uses the external interface (normally a towbar) to automatically dock with the trolley's hook and tow single or multiple trolleys all at once. Lifting and towing using our AMRs for logistics train applications can improve your internal logistics and allow the transportation of larger-sized roller racks or trolleys. Different options adapt to your demands to provide an easy, safe, and economical solution that quickly boosts your competitiveness.
01. Oasis 1200D-SRD
General Description
Increase the efficiency of internal logistics tasks with a towing mobile robot solution. Oasis SRD is a top-mounted module flexible solution for fully automated connects and carts towing in production halls and warehouse logistics. The Oasis 1200D-SRD is designed for large-sized heavy products with up to 1200kg of payload capacity, ideal for automotive manufacturing.
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