The FMS (Fleet Management System) can perform task allocation, path planning, traffic control, and real-time data monitoring. Assisting businesses in achieving scheduling solutions for complex logistics needs and gaining situational awareness from daily operations to empowering operators to make decisions and enhance productivity across the floor. In addition, the FMS efficiently supports the digital twin solution of production lines. Through close cooperation with other IT and OT systems, a visual digital twin platform has created a drive for the digitalization and automation of the business.
System advantages
Scalable System Integration
Seamlessly connect with management systems such as WMS/MES/ERP to realize data visualization
Efficient Task Assignment
Self-developed edge computing, path planning, and task scheduling algorithms enable optimal allocation
Intelligent Traffic Control
Fleet collaboration efficiently and continuously ensures safe and stable operation
Based on self-developed laser SLAM AMR and The RIoT Platform, Standard Robots developed multiple industry targeted logistics solution which enables automated material warehousing, production line feeding, processing material transportation and goods storage. Data visualization is also supported, production and logistics data are recorded, by which users could export report any time for further optimization.
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