The RIoT (Robot Internet of Things) is centered on intelligent device management and flexible logistics operations, with a focus on smart intralogistics and intelligent manufacturing, and it allows OICT data fusion with information integration and digital twin technology.

The platform bridges Standard Robots with common PLC, CNC equipment, processing equipment, modules, sensors, multi-media devices, and BIM applications. The open platform structure and joint efforts with reliable system developers allow stable and fast integration with MES/MOM, MCS, WMS, ERP, and APS, as well as a digitized and flexible production mode. More features, such as scenario simulation, leading to an optimal solution and fast feasibility estimation, continuously improve robot and system implementation efficiency while reducing the overall operation costs.
RIoT Central Control System
The RIoT central control system is based on flexible process and business orchestration capabilities, which widely meet the needs of different industries and different enterprises at different stages. At the same time, the RIoT creatively built a new low-code system that greatly reduces the cost of employee training and allows customers to build operating processes that meet their own needs with zero coding effort.
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